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Make your table plan part of the room
dressing by choosing a wishing tree
table plan.  

Buy with my gift tag place
names and the tree can double as a
Wishing tree guest book.  Once
seated, your guests write their
wishes on the back of the place name
and hang it on the tree; so you get to
keep all the gorgeous tags and you
know who each message is from!

The tree is metal, so will not break
like the usual wishing trees which
are made of twigs.

The tree is large enough to hold
about 200 tags.

The cards and tree are available in
any colour and design to match your

Table Plan including tree hire - £100-£110
For up to 12 tables
750mm x 450mm x 500mm

Tag place name - £1.00-£1.20
87mm x 44mm

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